French Indoor Rowing Championships 2018

Friday 8 February and Saturday 9 February 2019 in Charlety stadium

Registration opening on December, 3rd

2019 program

French Indoor Rowing Championships

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Indoor Rowing Affiliate Box Challenge

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French Indoor Rowing School Championships

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To participate in pararowing or adaptive rowing, rowers must be classified (more informations about the classification)

You want to reserve seats (carbon seat or fabric seat) and flanges ?

Reminder : Only LTA-VI and LTA-ID rowing coaches will be allowed to remain on the set during races.

2018 innovations

All participants in the 2000m French Championships races must hold an indoor rowing license. For individual events, during registration, non-licensed participants will automatically be issued an event-specific indoor license valid for the duration of the event.

Take an indoor rowing license

Junior (15-16 years old) events are now French championship events and run over 2,000m.

Relay 4 of the French Championships must now be composed of at least one man and one woman.

Para-rowing events PR1 (AS), PR2 (TA) and PR3 (LTA) are now running over 2000m and over 500m.

French Indoor Rowing Championships

Registration opening on December, 3rd

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